Tunnel challenge is a runner game that
will put your brain to test!

New content, power-ups and more in the 2.0 release!
Get power-ups with in-game coins. Tunnel challenge is the latest game released by
Zylv3r game studio, but there are more to come. All feedback is really appreciated.

Always working on someting new

There is always something to work on!
Improvements, new games!
Always a lot of fun!


We develop for Android phones:
Google Play.


We also develop for iOS.


And for desktop platforms (PC & MAC).

This is how we do it


We use Blender for all the 3D modeling, rigging and animation.


Gimp is used for image design and also we use it for 3D textures.


We do all the audio editing on Audacity to edit all kind of music and sound.


We use Unity for coordinating every single piece in the games.

Ready to play?

You can download it in your mobile.